Part 2

Prologue for PART 2


The aim of this research is to find if the Integrated Model can increase effectiveness and efficiency in communication through advertising.


For this purpose, the research is focused on three fundamental questions:


First: by analyzing particular environmental stimuli, can we predict the physical and partly the psychological condition that potential clients have while making a buying decision?

Second: are certain physical and psychological states linked with particular preferences and communication codes as derived from the Model?

Third: are the advertising campaigns, which use the rules as derived from the Integrated Model, more effective and efficient?



The techniques used in the research are the Delphi group approach, two questionnaires to a sample of 80 & 50 people and a focus group analysis.

The findings indicate that by analyzing the natural and/or artificial environmental stimuli, one can predict fundamental elements of the customer physical condition. This state influences to a great degree their psychology, their buying preferences and their response to certain communication codes. Successful advertising campaigns apply rules as derived from the Model and analyzed on Part 1 of this research.