Part 1

Part 1: Literature Revie


Prologue for PART 1

What is Humour? Is it the jokes that we hear, or the paradoxes that happen around us and make us laugh?  How is humour related to our physical and psychological mood?   How is the four humours theory applied to Advertising?


These are few of the questions that this chapter deals with. At first, several theories will be presented related to humour as part of the particular human’s behavior associated mainly with happiness cheerfulness, surprise and laughter.


However, throughout the research of the etymology several other theories will be presented, which associate humour, with the biological basis of the human body, responsible for any sort of moods and consequently behaviors. Hippocrates as previously mentioned, and which will be analyzed later in more detail, was the first who defined the four humours (fluids) that we have in our body and their effects on our physical and mental state. At the end of chapter 1a Model of his and his followers’ theory will be presented and analyzed.


In chapter 2 relevant elements of advertising are going to be presented and analyzed. They are related to decisions regarding the 4P’s and the communication process. Issues like, the association of the product with a particular feeling, and methods and techniques for better communication will be critically presented. A new version of the model, which is called the Integrated Model, includes elements of communication techniques, and will be presented at this chapter. The research of Part 2 is based on this model.