How to build a Myth for a City


A strategic approach should include strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategic advertising

  1. Strategic analysis

(for the destination city and competitors (regional/national/international)

1.I/F (infrastructure frame)  2.pestel, 3. bcg based on city’s GDP, 4.4ps, 5. 4W analysis (when, where,  6.access points/means, 7. current S B/P (Strategic Business Plan) city/region/nation. 8.swot, 9. market Segmentation & evaluation / potential added value/ economic/social/ environmental impact.

  1. Strategic Choice

Define the target group/ the competitor advantage/ the advantage sustainability

  1. Strategic Advertising

4ps, 4humours elements mix, Strategic target group characteristic to define Adv. Starting point.

4hmx example:

1.Athens to Norway (SP+ opposite elements /fire) to Egypt (SP+ opposite elements water) to Italy (SP+ similar elements depending on the time of the year)

2.Oslo to Athens (SP+ similar or opposite elements/depended on the time of the year), to Egypt (SP+ opposite elements, water)

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