The modern Croesus, Aristotle Onasis once said that the best deals take place after a good meal!


Onasis found out that people react positively, when they are in a perfect biological and psychological condition. For sure, food, drink and sex are considered as the basic elements, which contribute to a great degree in this instant satisfaction or in self-actualisation.


As mentioned before, and which will be analysed later on in detail, the theory of four humours, which defines the four humours as the biological basis behind our feelings and emotions, and which consequently determines behaviours and attitudes, might provide an insight of questions like what actually drives our preferences!  It will be very interesting for a marketer or a message designer, to know what people prefers, and to understand W H Y each person wants something in particular under certain environmental circumstances. This information is expected to facilitate the process of planning.


Having this insight, a marketer, can either adapt the product’s 4 p’s in order to meet certain preferences, according to existing environmental circumstances, or adapt the environment, in order to make an existing product more attractive. Several relevant cases will be presented at the end of Part 2.


However the rapid progress in technology during the last decade set physicians able to describe the nature of the cell while the biologists can manipulate information of DNA. The new revolution is expected from the neurologists in both levels: neuropsychology and neurobiology. It is expected that soon scientists will be able to describe with accuracy, several parts of human brain, reaching a clearer understanding of the process of transforming an external stimulus, into certain behaviours and attitudes.


The progress in this area is expected to open new horizons in Advertising.


The study aims to contribute in Advertising by interrelating the drives of preferences with basic human body’s functions. However as indicated by the research findings, the Integrated Model can become a useful tool, for marketers, when planning for long term or for international markets where seasonal changes are involved and relevant decisions should be taken.